Covid-19: South Africa quarantines cruise ship over suspected cases

2020-03-18 17:03:43 Marine News

South Africa has quarantined an AIDA Cruises cruise liner MV AidAmira and a cargo vessel over Covid-19 fears.

National ports operator Transnet said the ships have been held off near Cape Town as one of the crew members has exhibited coronavirus symptoms.

 First suspected case of Covid-19 in a South African sea-port

In a statement, Transnet said: “This is the first suspected case of Covid-19 in a South African sea-port.”

Suspected individual a crew member on MV Corona cargo vessel

The company added that the suspected individual was a crew member on the MV Corona cargo vessel and was on the flight along with another crew member and six AidAmira passengers who embarked on the ship at the port.

On 11 March, the cargo vessel left Cape Town but returned to the port after the member exhibited symptoms of the disease.

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