COVID – 19: India at Lockdown mode

2020-03-24 11:08:29 Marine News

From the global statistics and facts witnessed on COVID-19, India is at critical juncture in battling the outbreak , has declared lockdown  in most of states to control the spread of Corona Virus through social distances which currently is a big threat. No international flights /NO domestics flts in/out , sealing borders within the states& cities for specific period has been declared.

JANATA CURFEW and motivation from residents all over India by applauding for heroesworking day & night for COVID-19 patients, on Sunday 23rd March, 2020through the directive message from our Honorable Prime Minister Mr Modi has been commendable.

PM has been seen in regular video call interactions with state CMs and industry leaders who have extended their full support. Actions from various ministries at district level and at state level are creditable.

Directorate General of Shipping Mr Amitabh Kumar


With Government of India Travel Advisories issued from time to time includes quarantine mandate, Directorate General of Shipping Mr Amitabh Kumar has been proactive in issuing the instructions vide DGS order 05 of 2020/ 23rd March 2020 included temporary closure of MTIs, deferring sign off of Indian seafarers and compliance on COVID-19 guidelines.

GOI vide its circular of 19th March 2020, has issued strict instructionsas part of disaster management included strong advise to all companies / LLPs offices to implement “ Work from Home “ with advise of no cutting jobs and no reduction in wages.

DG circular dated 20-03-2020, capturing of Seafarers SID Data has been extended till 1st April 2020. Also seafarers already scheduled between 22-03-2020 till 15-04-2020 shall be accommodated from 16-04-2020 without any rescheduling online, to facilitate Shipping companies for data compliance.

Can India beat the Coronavirus? Yes, it can and it will.

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