Maersk seafarer well-enough to return home after COVID-19

2020-09-17 11:19:21 Sea Farers News

A Maersk seafarer stricken with COVID-19 in early May continues to make good progress recovering from the effects of COVID-19 and was well enough to travel home recently to continue his recovery.

 Lexa Maersk was allowed into the US Virgin Islands; 390 nautical mile journey outside the normal course

The 4045 TEU, Danish-flagged container ship Lexa Maersk was 380 nautical miles outside of Puerto Rico - enroute from Manzanillo, Panama to Tangier, Morocco when the need for medical evacuation of a crew member became apparent after the ship’s Captain had been in contact with Radio Medical, which provides remote support to ships using doctors ashore. After having difficulties finding a port to enter who would accommodate a COVID-19 patient - the Lexa Maersk was allowed into the US Virgin Islands by Governor Albert Bryan which resulted in a 390 nautical mile journey outside the normal course.

. The stricken crew member under treatment for 12 weeks and one day

On 7 May, the Lexa Maersk arrived at St. Thomas harbor and the crew member was shuttled ashore and taken by ambulance to Schneider Regional Medical Center. The stricken crew member was placed on a ventilator and remained at the hospital under treatment for 12 weeks and one day. Throughout the entire period of hospitalization, the Maersk company doctor was in contact with the responsible physicians as well as the next of kin to the crewmember relaying the progress of his condition.

Crew member recovered sufficiently to return home

After the crew member recovered sufficiently to return home, Maersk officials made arrangements for specialized transportation to accommodate his condition.

The crewmember had made a big impression on the Schneider Regional Medical Center hospital staff - who played the theme song from the movie “Rocky” (“Gonna Fly Now”) as he was wheeled down the hospital corridors to leave the hospital for the flight home.

Upon arrival into Manila, the crew member expressed his appreciation for the continuous support and involvement by the company.

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