The Nautical Institute presented“Certificate of Appreciation” to Mr. Kitack Lim, Secretary GeneralIMO.

2020-10-21 17:03:06 Maritime Institutions News

The Nautical Institute ( NI ) held Event 12 CERTIFICATE OF APPRECIATION to Mr.Kitack Lim, Secretary General ,International Maritime Organization ( IMO ) and Team IMO on 5th October 2020 in grateful recognition of their hard work, commitment and support in serving the needs of seafarers  during Pandemic.


Capt. Joseph Alapat, FNI, Vice Chairman NI India – SW, DC Cochin Port Trust,warm welcomed and introduced the distinguished guests &speakers.


Ms Jillian C. Jackson- President NI Londonand Capt. John Lloyds, CEO, NI London expressed their delight to be part of the event. NI has over 70 branches around the globe with over 7000 members and NI also work closely with IALA.Capt John highlighted the setup of websiteto share important information on COVID posted by expertise of NI and to continue on core mission in professional development through weekly webinars. He conveyed thanks and appreciations to His Excellency MrKitack Lim, IMO for leadership, positiveness and direction shown in the present Covid pandemic.

Mr. Kitack Lim, Secretary General, IMOconveyed his deepest gratitude and an honor for IMO to be recognized and to receive the appreciation by the NI, one of the most prestigious institute and representing the seafarers.  
Mr. Lim spoke about the sailing ships that ran out of food and medical necessities during this pandemic. The two major challenges were to keep the maritime industry working without any interruption as well as maintaining the health and safety of the seafarers. He highlighted the thorough professionalism of seafarers who are over 1 Million in strength and were sailing across the globe during this pandemic. The IMO helped resolve individual cases of seafarers as well during this pandemic.
He spoke about the IMO revising technical and operational methods to facilitate international trade. 

Mr. Sanjay Bhatia, former Chairman, Mumbai Port Trust & IPA said that he represented the port sector here. Initially the port sector faced issues where they had to work with 15% to 20% of manpower. But despite that they managed really well. Mumbai port was affected maximum due to the number of coronavirus cases.  Some stakeholders were affected as they had to lift their cargo. One of the major changes that took place during the pandemic was the port started working on an E-office. The Covid19 period was used by the Shipping Ministry to talk to all the stakeholders and prepare a new vision.  The 2030 vision was made keeping in mind the port sector. With or without coronavirus the cargo will catch up in the next six months he averred. He thanked the Nautical Institute for organizing this event and inviting him.

Dr. Malini Shankar, Vice Chancellor, Indian Maritime University, Ex. Director General of Shipping lauded the Nautical Institute’s novel initiative of recognizing the hard work of the IMO.  She also appreciated the hard work put in by shipping companies, ports and the administration.She also appreciated the coordination of stakeholders, federal and state government, maritime authorities, the ports unions and associations of the seafarers, which made crew change and crew transport possible. 

Mr. Anil Devli, CEO, Indian National Shipowners Association spoke about the contribution of Mr. Sanjay Bhatia and Dr. Malini Shankar during the pandemic and applauded them for keeping a check on 28 States and eight Union Territories so that they could work in Sync with one another to help the industry run smoothly. 
Speaking on behalf of the ship owners he said almost 3Lac Indian seafarers were on ships and the impact on ship owners was extremely saddening as they had to pay a very heavy cost for crew change, which was almost three times that of the original cost. 
He also spoke about the advantage taken by intermediaries during this situation and wanted this to be fixed at the earliest. He praised Mr. Bhatia for his contribution and stressed that the shipping industry should be considered as an essential service.


Capt. Andy Winbow, Chairman ISWAN thanked the Nautical Institute for the event and spoke about the challenges faced by seafarers and their families due to this pandemic.  He also spoke about the effect on international trade due to the restrictions imposed during the pandemic.
Seafarers have been stuck on board for long months over the contractual period. This could be a compromising situation for the crew as well as the vessel as the seafarers are mentally disturbed.  ISWAN have provided the assistances and support to seafarers & their families by 24X7 Help line and mental health advise through short videos and also provided financial support towards urgent medical need, he added. He spoke about IMO urging all member nations to declare seafarers as key workers.

The event was moderated by Capt. Vinod Naveen, AFNI, Secretary NI India – SW, Associate Professor IMU. 

The felicitation event was ended with vote of thanks from Capt. Tom Joseph, AFNI Chairman NI India- SW Branch.


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