Schedule uncertainty negatively impacts trade

2020-11-24 12:28:55 Exim News

 Uncertainty over schedule of feeder vessels that come to Thoothukudi and Kochi ports for the last few weeks has hit exports and imports from Coimbatore region.

From garments to food items, a wide range of products are exported and imported from this region and these are mostly through the Kochi and Thoothukudi ports.

Sri Lanka brought port services under essential services to keep operations unaffected

Coimbatore Customs House and Steamer Agents Association, President, P Subramaniam said, the problem started last month due to second wave of COVID-19 in Sri Lanka. Only earlier this week Sri Lanka brought port services under essential services so that its operations are not affected.

“A vessel that left India on November 13 is yet to berth in Colombo,” he said. This has led to uncertainty over arrival and departure of feeder vessels from Colombo to Thoothukudi, Chennai and Kochi ports.

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