DGS circular regarding resuming of issuance of BSID under controlled conditions

2020-12-11 15:13:09 DG Shipping / Ministry News

Subject: whereas due to the covid-19 pandemic the application/data capturing of seafarers for issue of BSID was suspended vide DGS circular 2020 dated 20.03.2020.

 2' And whereas the Directorate has further reviewed the matter and now decided to resume data capturing and issuance of BSIDs to lndian seafarers from all its 9 data capturing centres with effect from 10.12.2020, 1500 hrs.

 3' The seafarers who had already scheduled their slots before lock-down in the online BSID system can reschedule the slot during 10.12.2020 to 18-12.2020. ln this regard they will not be required to pay fee again.

 4 lt has been reported to this Directorate that due to non-possession of BSID, lndian seafarers are facing difficulty and are not allowed crew change in ports in Brazil and UK' Keeping this in view a facility has been provided for issuance of BSID on priority on the same day in such cases. The seafarers can apply for issue of BSID and book the slot- They are expected to upload letter from recruitment agency mentioning details of the vessel, port and date of joining vessel in Brazil/UK. When they select the tab Brazil/UK the window for slot booking will be available for them to schedule the slot from that day onwards. The verification and biometric data collection will be done at the Shipping Master/MMD centres everyday between 2.30 pm to 3.30 pm in such cases. The BSID can be collected from the respective Shipping Master Office in Mumbai/Kolkata/Chennai on the same day by the seafarer or RPS authorised as per details mentioned in the online application.

5. The seafarer shall strictly follow the protocols/sop annexed with this circular, failing which entry in the data capturing centres will not be allowed.

 6. This issues with the approval of Director General of shipping & Additional Secretary to Gol.


COVID-19 Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)

 Seafarers must have a valid appointment and they should visit data capturing centre only during their slot to minimize the crowd inside the building.

 Applicants are advised to follow social distancing norms at DGS facility during the visit.

Seafarers have to update his / her status in Government of India, Arogya setu'App at the time of reporting. Only if hearth status of seafarer is shown as 'SAFE' in the app that seafarer shall be allowed to proceed further with appointment.

 The body temperature will be checked through an infrared thermometer for each seafarer who is entering for data capturing. If temperature is normal, then only seafarer will be allowed to enter inside the building

Each seafarer must wear face mask white entering the data capturing centre.

Seafarer should sanitize his hands before entering the data capturing room. 

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