MOL launched the "MOL Service Website (Chinese version)"

2020-12-24 15:32:11 Marine News

MOL has launched the "Chinese-language version of MOL Service Website" as an exclusive website focusing on business activities aimed at the customers who rely on MOL service.

In the first phase, MOL opened pages on three services: FSRUs, Project and Heavy Cargo transport, and Car Carriers (MOL ACE). Japanese-language and English-language version has already been released, and now Chinese-language version is ready.

 Information accessibility for the customers related with Shipping Business

In order to keep information readily at hand, the website allows customers to download PDF versions of information which shows the detail of each MOL services, track records of each business and tips on using MOL services. If customers have any questions, they can easily contact a person in charge at MOL service desks, using contact information available on every page. In addition, MOL will post blogs of various information related with Shipping Business.

MOL will continually update and enhance the contents to meet customer needs.

URL of MOL Service Website (Chinese-language version):

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