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(In this section, we will be publishing matters related to DGS. We begin with Welfare Measure Circulars for seafarers. We propose to publish all the circulars for the benefit of the readers and also of the seafarers. Indeed, they might already have read them since they pertain to them. The second reading might bring to their attention some facts which they might have forgotten. And when they care to keep the collection of all the circulars in a file, it becomes a very useful compilation of all useful DGS circulars and it can be used as a ready reference collection. After all, we believe there is nothing wrong in repeating at least once any good pieces of news. Repetition helps recall benefits in total.)

Welfare Measure

Merchant Shipping Act,1958 specifies exclusive provisions for the seafarers welfare. A tripartite committee headed by Union Minster of Shipping and consisting of representations from all stakeholders viz the Government ship owners and seafarers decides and monitor the welfare issues of Indian seafarers.

The welfare measures for Indian seafarers are carried out by Government bodies, trusts as well as private trusts. The Government organizations and the welfare measures undertaken by them are as follows;

Seamen’s Provident Fund Organization (SPFO):

Seamen’s Provident Fund Organization functioning under the Ministry of Shipping. The organization is responsible for collecting the provident funds of the seafarer from the respective shipping companies, manage the fund and distribute to the respective seafarer within the frame work of Seamen’s Provident Fund Rules.

The scheme of SPFO is applicable to the seafarers engaged as per the provision under section 100 of Merchant Shipping Act, 1958. Details of SPFO Act and Scheme may be viewed from the website of SPFO at

Seafarers Welfare Fund Society (SWFS):

Seafarers Welfare Fund Society was constituted in pursuance of the recommendations of a Special Sub-Committee set up by the National Welfare Board of Seafarers as per the provisions under the M.S. Act. with the sole purpose of providing welfare facilities to seamen and to do all other such things as in the opinion of the society are conductive to the welfare of seamen including aged, invalidated, distressed or destitute seamen or the families of seamen. The general management and the control of business and the affairs of the Society is vested with the Committee of Management(COM) and all the Members of the COM are nominated/ appointed by the Central Government (Ministry of Shipping). The Director General of shipping is the ex-officio Chairman of the Society. Welfare Schemes: The Society at present runs the following welfare scheme:-

1.     Survival Benefit Scheme for Nominees of the Deceased Indian Seafarer.

2.     Invalidity Benefit Scheme for the Indian Seafarer

3.     Maternity Benefit Scheme for the Indian Female Seafarer

4.     Old Age Benefit Welfare Scheme for the Indian Seafarer

5.     Family Benefit Welfare Scheme for the Indian Seafarer

6.     Ex-gratia Assistance on Death

7.     Application Form for financial Assistance under Survival Benefit Scheme

8.     Application Form for financial Assistance under Invalidity Benefit Scheme

9.     Application Form for financial Assistance under Maternity Benefit Scheme

10.                        Application Form for financial Assistance under Old Age Benefit Scheme

11.                        Application Form for financial Assistance under Family Benefit Scheme
(On Completion of Pre-sea Training course by Son/Daughter)

12.                        Application Form for financial Assistance under Family Benefit Scheme
(On Completion of Post-Graduate Degree/ Diploma Course by Son/Daughter)

13.                        Application Form for Exgratia Assistance on Death to Widows/Dependents.

14.                        Application Form for claiming Gratuity dues (for Seafarers)

15.                        Application Form for claiming Gratuity dues (in death cases)

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