Norwegian Fishing Trawler Makes History as First Iridium based Maritime distress system installed for Commercial Activation

2021-02-09 16:42:38 Shipping News

The United States based- Iridium Communications Inc has announced the first activation of an Iridium Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS) terminal was completed by partner Applied Satellite Technology Limited (AST), shortly following launch of the service in mid-December 2020 through a Norwegian fishing trawler.

Found in the Norwegian town of Haugesund, the fishing trawler Trygvason made history with the installation of two Iridium Connected® Lars Thrane LT-3100S GMDSS terminals and has since gone on several fishing trips with its upgraded safety system.

Iridium’s first GMDSS terminal, the LT-3100S integrates distress alert, distress voice and Maritime Safety Information (MSI) services all in one terminal at a fraction of the cost of existing competitive options. Remote communications solutions provider AST, in partnership with local marine services specialist Brommeland Elektronikk A/S, worked to install and activate the Iridium GMDSS terminals on the Trygvason.

After successful install, the trawler operates with global communications

Following the successful install, the trawler now operates with truly global communications that is unhindered by poor weather conditions or how far north the trawler sails. The single, small-form-factor terminal enables the Trygvason to simplify operations by cutting back on other on-board equipment and costs, while satisfying critical maritime safety requirements.

“The first Iridium GMDSS installation and activation is a culmination of years of commitment and perseverance aimed to enhance safety at sea,” says Iridium Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Bryan Hartin. “With the support of AST, the Trygvason was able to smoothly transition to Iridium GMDSS, cutting costs and enhancing the safety of their operations.”

Iridium started the process to become a GMDSS service provider in 2013 and had to meet several requirements before formally ending what was a decades-long monopoly held by another satellite company. After being recognized by the IMO's Maritime Safety Committee and receiving a Letter of Compliance stating that Iridium was authorized to begin providing service when ready, Iridium GMDSS was formally launched in December 2020.

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