16th IAPH COVID19 Economic Impact Barometer: Cargo flows impacting Hinterland Transport

2021-02-23 12:51:04 Marine News

The results of the sixteenth survey of global ports have been published in the WPSP- IAPH COVID19 Port Economic Impact Barometer, with an even spread of 70 participants worldwide.

The share of ports facing a significant drop in container vessels calls (i.e. in excess of 25%) dropped further to 2%.

Cargo vessel traffic is now getting back to normal

Co-author Professor Theo Notteboom commented: “Containerized cargo and other cargoes are on a par with, if not above, the expected levels for this period of the year. Cargo vessel traffic is now getting back to normal”

Cruise and passenger services still remain seriously impacted

The cruise/passenger market remains the most affected by the COVID-19 contagion. In week 6 of 2021, 57% of respondents indicate that passenger vessel calls are down more than 50%, in many cases even down more than 90%.

Many ports report the cruise season as ‘canceled for the entire season’, with cruise vessels berthing only for lay-up or shipyard.

Increase in barge and rail delays on the intermodal leg

The situation in hinterland transport slightly deteriorated compared to November and December 2020. November seemed to present a turning point.

The situation for barge services has significantly deteriorated, with 30% of ports now reporting delays

Co-author Professor Thanos Pallis commented : “The sudden recent surge in volumes on several big trade routes is testing the capacity limits of some ports/terminals and their inland transport systems, leading to disruptions in hinterland transport connectivity in some ports.”

Reports of under-utilization of quayside and port warehousing areas on the increase

On the quayside and close beyond the gates, more ports are reporting an underutilisation of local warehousing and distribution facilities for foodstuffs and medical supplies, and consumer goods.

Availability of port workers back to normal

In the past few months, the COVID-19 crisis has a very limited impact on the availability of port-related workers.

Crew changes register only a slight improvement

On a global scale, 44% of ports that provided information on crew changes reported no crew changes had taken place in week 6 of 2021, down from 55% in week 27. In a quarter of ports, a very limited number of crew changes have occurred (less than 5) compared to one third in week 27.

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