Greek ports to be hit by two-day towage strike

2021-02-24 13:19:26 International Ports News

Inside the country’s ports towage service will not be available as the Panhellenic Crew Union of Towage and Salvage has joined the strike from Tuesday, 23 February at 00:01 hours until Wednesday, 24 February at 24:00 hours local time

Liner companies have warned the clients that it is difficult to predict the extent of the strike’s impact on Piraeus in terms of the congestion as the vessels arriving at Piraeus are likely to face berthing delays and the congestion is anticipated at the port’s three terminals after the end of the strike

Piraeus port administrators say terminal utilisation remains at high levels and scheduled vessels’ operations will be prioritised.

Union charged that no substantial measures to protect public health at the new outbreak of the pandemic

In a statement announcing the strike action, the Engineers union  charged that although there is a new outbreak of the pandemic there are no substantial measures to protect public health, and that shipowners, the government and the Shipping and Island Policy ministry is seeking to bury social security and the union rights of seafarers.

"Last July, the government introduced and passed Law 4714/2020 in Parliament, which dealt an overwhelming blow to the institution of collective labour agreements in seafaring, while paving the way for these regulations to be extended to all seafarers and all categories of ships," said Pemen.

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