MOL to pioneer inland waterway LPG transportation in India

2021-03-03 16:52:57 Shipping News

MOL and the Inland Waterways Authority of India (IWAI) are to work together to transport LPG on barges using National Waterways-1 and National Waterways-2.

IWAI has committed to facilitate operations by maintaining adequate navigational conditions and handling LPG cargoes at its terminals in Haldia, Sahibganj and Varanasi. Japan’s MOL Group, the world’s largest gas carrier company, will invest in the construction and operation of dedicated LPG barges, while the Aegis Group has planned investments for storage terminals, dedicated pipelines and shoreside infrastructure.

At present around 60 % of Indian LPG cargoes move by road and the initiative is expected to reduce carbon footprint and enhance safety as well as cut transportation costs.

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