Lock down restrictions that have come into force in entire Maharashtra including the commercial capital Mumbai

2021-04-05 10:47:18 Logistics News (Roadways & Railways)

Maharashtra including the commercial capital have come under week end lock down, strict dawn to dusk curfew and stricter norm and prohibition of assembly of more than five people during the day, as cases of the coronavirus disease (Covid-19) have risen rapidly and accounting for more than half the country's daily infections. The restrictions will be in force till April 30.

The implementation of the norms will have a bearing on the movement of cargo from and to the Mumbai and JNPT state owned ports besides a string of non major ports along the state's coastline

57,000 Covid-19 infections on April fourth the highest for a single day, alarming

The state recorded over 57,000 Covid-19 infections on April fourth highest for a single day – while Mumbai became the first Indian city to add new infections in the five digits with over eleven thousand new cases.

The restrictions imposed in the state from april fourth are

What's shut

All non-essential shops in malls and markets, Movie theatres, amusement parks, water parks

All religious places, where only priests will be allowed to enter for daily rituals, Salons, spa and beauty parlours, Dine-in restaurants, eatery houses, Private offices asked to switch to work from home and All schools and colleges will remain shut except class 10 and 12 exams

What's allowed

Essential and emergency services, Public health, medical education and other departments dealing in the essential services allowed to operate with 100 per cent staff, For restaurants and eateries, takeaway and deliveries allowed, Private offices in essential sectors such as banks, stock market, insurance, telecom, electric and water supply, E-commerce services.Printing and distribution of newspapers and Domestic aides have been deemed essential services

Allowed, but with restrictions

Public transport such as buses, auto-rickshaws, trains and flights will operate. Buses, autos and taxis to run with 50 per cent capacity. No standing passengers allowed in buses and long-distance trains. Government offices to operate with 50 per cent staff. Parks, beaches, gardens to be shut from 8pm to 7am. Local administration can restrict timings further if needed. Weddings have been allowed with maximum of 50 guests and Attendance at funerals has been capped at 20 people

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