Air force to conduct a National Logistics seminar

2022-04-27 12:11:19 Logistics News (Airlines & Aviation)

A National leveLogisticseminar is being organized by Indian Air Force  on April 28th at Air Force AuditoriumNew Delhi

The seminawill be inaugurated by the Chief of Air Staff, who shall also deliver the keynote address for the Inaugural Session. Ththeme of the seminar is 'OrchestratinLogistics Support foAiCombat Operations'.

Prominent subject matter experts from thGovernmentIndustry and think-tanks would delve upon aspects pertaining to National LogisticPolicy anabsorption ocurrendisruptive technologies such as AIMLBlock chain and loT. Thesfacetswheincorporated in field of military logisticswoulhave a transformationaimpact on the way the Air force conductits business of supply chain management in support of its operations.

The seminashall also have a session on logistics diplomacyby entering into InternationaLogistics Support Agreements with key allies that coulgive a biboost to the supply chain and inter-operability.

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