Jamaica places request for Indian wheat imports

2022-05-18 13:47:27 Exim News

With India imposing a ban on wheat exports since last week, the Westindies state of Jamaica which is currently hosting Indian President Ramnath Kovind’s Official visit has placed a request for buying Indian wheat. Jamaica has a substantial population of people of Indian origin.

Jamaican Commerce Minister Aubyn Hill was quoted by media reports as saying that his country is looking forward to enriching investment ties with India and added that the talks for imports of wheat, fertilizers, and farm equipment from India are ongoing.

The Minister said, "Discussions with India to sell not only wheat but fertilizers and farm equipment. We are seeking to establish a distributorship for Indian trucks and buses...seeking a commercial and investment relationship to benefit both the countries."

Mr Hill expressed concerns about food insecurity as a fall out of the Russia-Ukraine conflict. 

Though the wheat imports into Jamaica are ample currently but there remains an uncertainty."We have enough wheat imports as of now, but we don`t know what will happen tomorrow as the world changed on February 24. Russia now has a war engagement with Ukraine. So we are opening discussions with our friend, India," he added."As we come out of pandemic, we are looking at inviting Indian investors and pharmaceutical companies... we are preparing to be a Logistic centre for India’s Pharmaceutical companies," he continued.

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