PIL celebrates the contributions of its many women on International Day for Women in Maritime

2022-05-20 11:19:48 Marine News

At PIL, we are committed to supporting our women to pursue an exciting and meaningful career in maritime. Our competent ladies fulfil a wide range of responsibilities, from being the Chief Commercial Officer, heads of corporate functions such as HR, Legal, Risk Management, leaders of teams at Fleet, Line Management, Marine Operations, Logistics, to our subsidiaries at PIL Logistics, Mariana Express Lines, as well as our overseas offices and agencies,” informs a recent PIL release.

Our women workforce will continue to contribute significantly

“Looking ahead, our women workforce will continue to contribute significantly as PIL aims to drive connectivity and grow to become a sustainable shipping line. We pledge to continue to train, recognise and support a “barrier-free working environment” for women to empower them to gain visibility and success in PIL and in the maritime sector.

As a salute to all the women in PIL, we have collated the images of our “lady warriors” who work in our shore-based offices in Singapore, Asia, China, Africa, Middle East, Latin America and others.”

We feature here two of our lady seafarers:

Second Officer Christina Tan Shi Hui

Second Officer Christina Tan, Singaporean, is currently working on Kota Jaya. When asked why she chose to pursue a career in seafaring, Christina said that her cousins had encouraged her to do seafaring, as her sister was also then in seafaring. Seeing how her sister was thriving in her career, Christina decided to follow in her sister’s footsteps.

4th Engineer-designate Siti Ainul Nellisa Binte Mohamad

4th Engineer-designate Siti Ainul Nellisa Binte Mohamad, Singaporean, had passed her Certificate of Competency Class 5 promotion assessment. She is currently waiting for her next assignment to join a vessel, and she is slated to be promoted to 4th Engineer in a few months’ time.

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