Anchorage availability in Mumbai Port during Monsoon period 2022

2022-05-20 14:46:25 Indian Ports News

Mumbai port authority has come out with an elaborate circular listing out restrictions on availability of anchorage berths during the South West monsoon period (called the foul weather season) from May 25 to August 31st.


The sinking of some barges near the port area during the last monsoon has also been taken into consideration before formulating these set of restrictions.


Anchorage berth on a first-come-first-served basis


As per the Port circular the cargo working anchorage berths will be allotted on a first-come-first-served basis, while other anchorages will be allotted for short periods only for those vessels, also on a first-come-first-served basis, which have specific work at Mumbai. Vessels which have got no employment will not be accorded to ‘lay up anchorage’ and hence are strongly exhorted to find monsoon shelter elsewhere


While the Mumbai Port Authority will try and accommodate as many vessels as possible but may have to deny anchorage facilities due to non-availability of anchorage berths.


In the case of small tugs, barges and other small vessels, which are covered under the Inland Vessels Act, are advised to seek appropriate shelter.  Those vessels which are anchored in the inner Mumbai Harbor will have to ensure that they are in a port-worthy condition, manned under the ISM code of safe manning, and have the engines in proper working condition besides having all the statutory certificates and insurance valid.


The dumb barges and craft with engine which are anchored in the inner Mumbai Harbor will have to keep standby tugs of sufficient power for assistance to vessel. They also should have their towing ropes and appropriate gear ready for towing during the stay at anchorage in case of bad weather and any other emergencies, according to the circular issued by the Mumbai Port Authority.


These restrictions on smaller crafts follows that some of them that have anchored in the Northern anchorage area drifted towards Mumbai Trans Harbor line and damaged part of the structure during the last year’s monsoon


The foul weather season in Mumbai Port is normally from May 25 to August 31 coinciding with the arrival of South West Monsoon. During this period, the anchorage area of the inner harbor is restricted to a foul weather IV limit lines, which is north of the Sunk Rock Lighthouse position.

Hence, the number of anchorages that can be utilized by ships would be restricted due to non-availability of anchorages to the south of this line (including the PLA anchorage for cargo operation) during this period.


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