Turning the tide for women to board ships

2022-05-21 10:37:02 Sea Farers News

We all know that women are reshaping the corporate world. They are unlocking their potential through mutual empowerment and mentorship, and as a result we see them successfully taking charge of opportunities in the corporate world at every level of every sector.

 Be it freshers out of graduation and postgraduate schools and universities or C-level executives, women are making an impact in every organisation. The Maritime sector, which has otherwise been a male-dominated profession, is no exception to this trend.

Turning the tide for women to board ships

Turning the tide for women to board ships - Women have been sailing on merchant ships for some time. But their numbers have been miniscule and the pace at which gender diversity has been improving has been rather slow.

Among the initiatives identified by the Vision document to achieve the goal is to launch a ‘Women in seafarer’ program.

“The lack of participation (of women) is mainly due to limited knowledge of this career opportunity, lack of incentivisation from shipping lines and cultural bias. To address this issue, an awareness campaign should be started to publicize the success stories of women seafarers to improve sentiment and inform of available opportunities. In addition to this, onboard gender sensitization should be encouraged, and an onboarding buddy program should be launched,” according to the Vision document.

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