Threat to Odessa Port recedes claims Ukraine

2022-06-18 13:38:29 International Ports News

Ukraine has claimed that it has thwarted the attempt by the Russian navy to block its major port Odessa the life line for the battle torn country by sinking a Russian boat.


The Navy claimed that it struck a Russian boat carrying air defense systems to a strategic island in the black sea.


The lane around the Snake Island is vital for protecting ships moving in and out of the Odessa port.

 The damage to the Russian boat could not be verified according to international media reports

The flagship of Russia's Black Sea fleet, used in the seizure of Snake Island, was sunk in April by Ukraine.. Ukraine has made effective use of technology and intelligence from the US to target ships

 The Ukrainian Navy said that after the sinking of the flagship Moskva, the Russians began to install an anti-aircraft missile system called TOR on the decks of their ships. It said that was not enough to prevent Ukraine's naval forces from "demilitarizing the Russian occupiers".

There was no immediate reaction from Russian authorities to the Ukrainian claim.

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