Traffic jams in Benguluru city is being sorted out

2022-06-21 14:13:29 Logistics News (Roadways & Railways)

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said that the double-engine government is working on every possible means to improve connectivity in the capital and to make Bengaluru free from traffic jams.


His government is committed to linking the suburban areas of Bangalore with better connectivity.


While speaking at the inauguration of multiple rail and road infrastructure projects in Kommaghatta, he said, "To make Bengaluru free from traffic jams, the double-engine government is working on every possible means including rail, road, metro and construction of the underpass, flyover."


"I have got the opportunity to complete the development works which should have been done 40 years ago. If these works were completed at that time, then the burden on Bengaluru wouldn't have increased. That's why I don't want to waste time and spend every minute serving people," he added.

The development of Bengaluru is the development of millions of dreams, he added.


Therefore, in the last eight years, it has been a continuous effort of the Central Govt to develop Bengaluru further," stated.


Sources said the traffic jams in the tech city has worsened in the last eight years and people have to wait for hours together to get to their places of work. Flooding of major thoroughfares is another major issue facing Benglauru.


Railway is getting faster now, it is getting cleaner, it is becoming modern, it is becoming safe and it is also becoming citizen-friendly. "We have taken the rail to those parts of the country where it was difficult to even think about it.

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