China yet to resume flights to India

2022-07-06 17:32:29 Logistics News (Airlines & Aviation)

China has resumed international flights after a two year ban due to Covid-19 pandemic but the decision to reintroduce flights to India has however been put on back burner.


It is significant that China has permitted limited flight services to several countries in the neighborhood, including Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Nepal


There have been no regular routes between China and India since November 2020 and no flights have been notified yet between the two countries.


Beijing last month lifted a two-year visa ban for Indian professionals and their families working in various Chinese cities, who are stuck back home for over two years, but their travel to China remained a challenge as there are no flights between the two countries.


China is also processing the list of hundreds of Indian students wanting to return to the country to re-join their colleges. Over 23,000 Indian students, mostly studying medicine, are reportedly stuck back home due to COVID visa restrictions. India submitted a list of several hundred students after China sought the names of those wanting to return immediately to pursue their studies.


Meanwhile, those Indian professionals and their families who began getting Chinese visas in India to return complain that they cannot travel to China as there are no flights.

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