2022-08-06 15:11:25 Maritime Institutions News

The need to enhance maritime knowledge among aspirants is rapidly rising over the years. And to promote the same objective, IMU Kochi has organized a series of quizzes based on Sagar Sandesh E-Paper, Maritime Tabloid English Weekly Three Digital Newspaper on weekly basis, which benefits in improving the maritime knowledge of all the students on the campus. Sagar Sandesh E-Paper has educative importance as it boosts and encourages students to think and feel about the changes taking place in the shipping industry.

With an effective direction of the HOD of the School of Nautical Science, Capt. Vinod Naveen and with the assistance of the Librarian Rudra Ranjan, the cadets Ajith Anil, Aswin Rajan, and Ann Tessa Joseph have been regularly organizing the quiz.

The contest is scheduled to be held every Wednesday after the class ends and the result will be published on Thursday along with the announcement of the next quiz.

For deliverables, winners receive an e-certificate. All the students who inspire to learn the updated information on Maritime, do take note that all the asked questions mainly depend on the recent happenings in the maritime sector as it assists the students to learn the currents of the marine industry.

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