The turn-over of ships in Suez canal during December 2022

2023-01-30 16:50:37 Shipping News

As many as 352 vessels crossed the Suez Canal from both directions in December 2022 according to official release from the Suez Canal authority. The net tonnage that transited through the global waterway last month hit 6.5 million tons.

The release said the West Port Said port received 36 container ships with a capacity of 277,720 tons. The port also received 10 general cargo ships, 10 liquid bulk ships, and two roll-on/roll-off (RORO) ships, among others.

Meanwhile, East Port Said Port witnessed 113 container ships, 9 clinker ships, 9 salt ships, and 3 cement ships, with a capacity of 3.85 million tons. Also, Al-Arish port received 11 ships for exporting bulk goods to foreign markets, with a capacity of 40,153 tons.

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