Chief Minister Yediyurappa threatens Lock down in Bengaluru

2021-04-12 15:50:17 Logistics News (Roadways & Railways)

Karnataka Chief Minister B S Yediyurappa  said the state government could impose lockdown in Bengaluru if the necessity arises amidst reports that the technical advisory committee of the state government has recommended the extreme step to control the situation in the software capital of the country.

People need to respond for their own good

"People need to respond for their own good. If they don't heed then we may have to take stringent measures. If required and if necessity arises, we will impose lockdown," YediyuraReacting to queries on the growing coronavirus cases in the state, which saw the numbers breaching 10,000 on Sunday, he said

We have imposed night curfew in the districts where the coronavirus cases are rising," Yediyurappa said.

He insisted that people should wear face masks, use hand sanitisers and maintain social distancing.

"People need to respond for their own good. If they don't cooperate then we will initiate stringent measures, which people should not give scope for. I want people to cooperate with us," Yediyurappa said.

To a question if the Technical Advisory Committee had recommended a lockdown, Yediyurappa reiterated that people have to understand and cooperate.

Meanwhile in Bengaluru, Health Minister Dr K Sudhakar told reporters that the government was not inclined for a lockdown and wanted people to cooperate.

Our government is not at all willing to impose lockdown says Bengaluru Health Minister

"Neither me nor the Chief Minister is saying that we will do it (lockdown). All we are saying is don't compel us to push to that extreme. Our government is not at all willing to impose lockdown," he clarified.

He also said that if people cooperate the second wave of coronavirus can be defeated.

The talk of lockdown came following reports that the Technical Advisory Committee has recommended lockdown for a brief period to contain the coronavirus.

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