Hyundai Merchant Marine Shipping Company's gesture to India to aid its covid relief efforts: Ocean freight rate to be just 1 US dollar per box for such containers

2021-05-13 16:40:08 Shipping News

 The Seoul based South Korean shipping and Logistics company Hyundai Merchant Marine Company   (HMM) has announced that it plans to subsidize the transport containers carrying Covid-related medical devices and emergency relief supplies bound for India, contributing to overcoming the extreme situation in the country.

The devices include medical oxygen supplies such as medical grade oxygen, oxygen tanks, oxygen bottles, oxygen concentrators, steel pipes for manufacturing oxygen cylinders, and associated equipment.

HMM to charge just 1 US dollar as ocean freight rate for every container carrying medical supplies to India

HMM has decided to charge just 1 US dollars as ocean freight rate for every container carrying medical supplies to India. Vessel space and container equipment are also assigned to such containers as top priority to expedite the delivery process.

Even though we are experiencing the shortage of both vessel space and containers worldwide, humanitarian activities should come first. We would like to carry out our social responsibilities with our all-round expertise and experience, while at the same time serving the world better than what we used to do an official of the company said. 

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